Digital Transformation Tool –
Data Analytics & Dashboard

Dashboards allow a simplified, visual and singular point to keep track of and view companies KPIs and to make the most out of their business intelligence. This helps organizations make data-driven decisions, with an ability to quickly see where things are going good and where there might be issues that require more attention.


Data Analytics & Dashboard Features


Strategic Dashboards allow your leadership team to see the bigger picture and make critical data-driven decisions for the organization.


Operational Dashboards help your managers with a closer picture of the day-to-day to ensure KPIs and team goals are being met.


Analytical Dashboards help turn vast amounts of data into useable, visual business insights to help identify and act on from analysts to leadership.

Data Analytics & Dashboard Description

Dashboards have been used across many industries to help find efficiencies and get more value out of the data they are either currently tracking or want to track to ensure proper Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are being met. They are also useful for day-to-day tasks for monitoring and evaluation to ensure things are going in the right direction. Have you ever had an issue slip through the cracks, or not realize things were moving in a negative direction until it was too late because you didn’t have the proper tracking or an easy enough tool to see it?

We can help you create a customized dashboard to best utilize your data and bring out the insights you need in a way that no matter where in the world you are, if on mobile or desktop you can keep up-to-date with the data that is important and make sure you can make the proper business decisions before it is too late. We can also help with related items like the data gathering, analytics, monitoring and escalation, automations to help with data consolidation, updating and more to help ensure you get the most out of the dashboard. Contact us for more details and a customized quote.

Benefits Of A Successful Dashboard Implementation

  • There are a wide-variety of benefits to any organization of adding or improving their existing Dashboards and Analytical tools. Save time, energy and frustration of going through large excels or other tools that make it hard to share and get to the insights that matter.

  • Ensure everyone on your team whether remote or around the world can all see the same thing in a visually appealing and helpful manner. Help your board or leadership team get quick views that can be exported into a PowerPoint or shown directly on the tool for a more interactive view and capabilities.

  • Keep track of your teams, your finances, your successes and areas of concern so that nothing falls through the cracks. Whatever your need and business there is a Dashboard that can help improve your organization and bring the Digital Transformation that keeps you up-to-date and connected even if you can’t all be in the same place.


Strategic Dashboard

Strategic Dashboards help your top-level leaders and managers see the bigger picture items across the organization and keep tabs from a high-level view of what is important to your team. This can differ from organization to organization and we are here to help you customize it to fit your leaderships vision and what is important for them to see.

Whether that is Departmental data, Overall Company Views of the data, Project or Client-Wise views, Performance Data, Financials or more. If it is important to you and you have the data points we can help simplify it into an easy to view dashboard.

Operational Dashboard

Operational Dashboards are typically more relevant to the Directors, Managers or Team Leads of the relevant teams to help give a more detailed view for team management. These Dashboards would be tailored to your data points and insights that you believe are important to review, highlight and manage with.

Your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are set by your team, and we help bring them to life with creative ways to visualize them to ensure your team can see them from the various perspectives to get the full picture of the scenario.

Don’t waste time having to ask each member of the team and track these important items across multiple emails, excels or tools. Consolidate them into the views that matter.

Analytical Dashboard

Do you have a part of your business that has vast amounts of data and requires some sort of crunching those numbers, adding formulas or combing parts of that data to give insights? Then an Analytical Dashboard can help you save time and frustration, while giving you a more simplified and unique way to view the outcomes.

Allow yourself to see the data from multiple perspectives and in different visual representations to see if new insights jump out at you. Our Dashboards can help you see what is important, find any potential opportunities or issues and focus on them vs. wasting time digging through all the data.

An excel might work some of the time, but with worrying about which version was emailed or saved, being able to view on the go, and other issues that can come up, have a web or mobile based view can help bring your company forward in this ever changing Digital landscape.